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we stitch with love

We Love Crochet
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All Members , Moderated

Welcome to welovecrochet! We here at welovecrochet talk about and share patterns, give advice, and post our newest (and not so new) creations.
If you join, please note that all postings are related to crocheting or other crafts...members talk of other things, but please incorporate some sort of crafting (all sorts) into your post. Please enjoy this community, and you posting. You may advertise here for other communities such as fluffyblankets does, being our affiliate; meaning "if you scratch our backs, we'll scratch yours"! ;)
Here at welovecrochet, this community is monitored closely by me, Sam, justmybabyandme. No flaming, please. It will not be tolerated. I know that you can have a bad day, week, or month, and we sympathize; no one likes to be flamed.
I, Sam, do post here as myself, but I also leave notes as the moderator and/or maintainer. I do, however, want to be your friend!
Please enjoy our community.